Orthodox Health Care Proxy and Funeral Directive

The forms available on this site are self-descriptive. However, plase pay special attention to the following:

It is very important that every Orthodox Christian have instructions available for their health care in the event of their inability to make decisions for themselves in time of serious illness. It is also important that funeral instructions be provided. Very often Orthodox Christians are not treated medically in the manner in which they would wish, nor are funeral arrangements made for them according to the provisions of the Orthodox Church. This is true both in the case in which an Orthodox Christian is a convert to Orthodoxy and heterodox family members may not wish to follow Orthodox practice, and when children and/or other family members have left the Orthodox Church and may not carry out the wishes of their Orthodox family member.This can be avoided by use of the forms available here.

In both cases - the Health Care Proxy and the Funeral Directive - the completed forms should be given to as many responsible persons as possible: supportive family members, friends and close acquaintances, health care providers, attorney, parish Priest - in short, as many people as possible who would be in a position to know that you are in need of the use of them and who would be able and willing to present them to parties responsible for carrying out your wishes.

In the case of the Funeral Directive, if you have or plan to have pre-arranged services or a funeral provider most likely to be used, be sure that a copy is provided to that funeral director.

DO NOT make the Funeral Directive a part of your Last Will and Testament, because the will is almost never opened before the funeral takes place, and additional legal issues may come into play.

If possible, consult an attorny in the state in which you live to be certain that you have fulfilled all the legal requirements for these notices.

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Orthodox Health Care Proxy

Orthodox Funeral Instructions and Directives